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Storytelling and Mythic Medicine: Why stories?

Stories are a mental, emotional and spiritual communication interface between humans. They provide narratives that help us see ourselves through each other. As we are able to find inspiration in the trials and triumphs of others: so too we are able to find compassion, courage love and other evolutionary emotions in the unresolved trauma, grief, sadness and violence revolving in humanity’s life cycle: as metaphysicaly - metaphorically deep tales.
Stories are also carriers of our histories and Cultures. They generate legends which inspire and catalyse a desire to evolve through wisdom, compassionate heart strength, warrior courage, will and studious inquiry in 'our people’s ' story. They also can generate faith and faith in the words of the story The Golden Seed: “is a transformative force.” (To watch a video performance of this story message me in the chat and I'll send you a link).

Even an overly long story that is not spectacular, or particularly well told can still sometimes evoke remembrance. Our brains seem ‘geared up’ to easily remember information if it is presented in story form, especially in association with visual media, like film or when narrated by a performer who has compelling movement and presence.
Mythical stories often carry clues about a culture's ancient heritage. They can also provide by way of inspiration, admonishment or redemption, reinforcement of cultural values.
In Mythic Medicine, mythic tales can provide a very useful emotional distance through which strong and potentially overwhelming emotion can be managed: after all the horrendous or frightening things are happening to the characters in the story, not us. Understanding how the same characters resolve their issues, may provide a valuable resource along with keys for learning to understand our own stories.

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