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Shaka Zulu famously said: ” A warrior who cannot dance is not a warrior.”

On the face of it this statement is somewhat discriminatory against uncoordinated people; nevertheless it is a fact that both fighting and dancing require very similar balance, coordination and body control: skills than can of course be acquired by learning them.

Still, I digress… The notion of ‘cool’ arts is imbued in many African warrior practices and is certainly part of KaZimba.

Multiple Intelligence theory categorises intelligence as diverse in nature and shows clearly that categories such as musical intelligence cannot be measured through the culturally biased IQ test.

What it also shows is that developing in the arts is developing in a range of intelligences.

So can young people’s learning be inspired by dancing, drumming, singing, etc together? I think the answer is clear..!

KaZimba is the strength inspiration and predecessor of Narative Mindfulness. And owes its existence to

Jessica Huntley and the Ijakadi ancestors as well as…

Mafundishi Hamza

Mafundishi Equiano

Mwalimu Levi

Mwalimu Lyon

Senior Ndugu Anwar

Senior Ndugu Batekun

Senior Ndugu Fisi Ngosi

Ndugu Mbuni

Ndugu Aaron

Ndugu Olga

Ndugu Tanaka Chui

Ndugu Gi Nyati

Ndugu Yitshaq

Ndugu Terri


Bayo, Simande, Vicky, Tunde, Ejiro, Odiri, Paul, Max, Keiran, Zikko, Onome, Ebru, Yoma, Lamar, Michael, Dominic, Gareth, Reanna, Lauren, Ezekiel, Tyrease, Daniel. Tai,

Those yet unborn…

As well as Fern, Andrew, Kenneth, Luwt,and many more I’ve forgotten (unintentionally) to mention

Hashima KaZimba: In loving memory of Jessica Huntley

“May the spirit of the young lion continue to express itself in motion”

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