Why Physical Storytelling?

Our bodies are our communication interface with the Material world. Our conversations, songs, art, music, heart work, brain work, breath work might need imagination and vision, but without the body there is no here and now ability to impact on our surroundings. In short without our bodies we can’t communicate in this world and with our bodies, possibility opens…


What Is This Possibility?

A Storyteller that maintains even a basic degree of embodiment physical flexibility and stamina, is a Storyteller who has access to physical creativity and expressiveness. Naturally increasing the fitness and flexibility offers access to a wider range of Physical expressivity, which combined with audial resonance (Voice projection) and compelling narrative exponentially enhances the ability of the Storyteller to take the audience /participants on an experiential journey

An Example

In a story involving a lion, a Physical Storyteller can reveal to the audience the lion in all its primal glory, through their physicality combined with the narrative. The lion's movement style and strength; it’s mood; it’s predatory nature,  can be portrayed in the human body in such a way that people see and experience an actual lion, not just a person pretending to be a lion.  Even it's roar can chill the audience through the physicality of fine tuned vocal chords combined with breath worked lungs that enhance vocal projection

Sola Story knows that EVERY BODY CAN LEARN and uses the African Martial art of KaZimba Ngoma to  thework with your body's strengths and weakness, enabling you to embody an authentic physically not just of animals, but of emotions, moods, personalities and characters. He is adept at coaching individuals and groups in developing a physical theatricity to storytelling that is unique to each body.