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Physical Storytelling 1 Day
In Person Training

Friday 27th May 9am - 4.30pm

Tottenham Community Sports Centre 
N17 8AD

Are You sitting with this question... "What would it take to make my storytelling, facilitation, presentations, talks. or public speaking more compelling? In fact Significantly so? 

Then for your own answer, come to Narrative Mindfulness'  one day training in  the PHYSICAL Art of Eloquent Storytelling; using African and other Indegenous Informed Creative Practices to bring out the STORY in YOU. 

...This unique and experiential training is for you if ...

Learn the PHYSICAL Art of Eloquent Storytelling; African and Indegenous Informed Creative Practices to bring out the STORY in YOU

You Will Learn...

  • How to use your body to make your storytelling, facilitation, presentations etc, more compelling 

  • How to build a community of practice,

  • Breathwork and Voice projection

  • How to explore personal story through the body

  • Mindfulness, Embodiment, presence and Manyamas (African Theatrical Animal forms).

  • Using your physicality intentionally to connect emotionally with audiences

  • Creative Story Journeying

  • a toolkit of Inspired and easy to use Physical Storytelling practices that you can immediately practice yourself or share with others

  • You are an educator,  teacher, facilitator, trainer, presenter, youth worker, or practicing storyteller

  • You are working with voice, storytelling, presentations, talks and public speaking

  • You are using stories etc, to share your value, meaning and a sense of mission with your team or clients

  • You are convinced that developing a more magnetic presence will enhance the congruence of the subject matter you are presenting

  • You intuit that embodying the values, moods and characteristics that you are talking about will make a diffference to how they are received

  • You are open to learning new ways and willing to try new things

Pricing Sliding Scale

  • £120 – Standard (pays for your place and covers costs)

  • £160 – Abundant (pays for your place and supports the bursary)

  • £60 – Subsidised – (Covers Our break even cost)

  • £0-£50 – Bursary (Because we want everyone to be able to attend)

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