Narrative Mindfulness:
Everyone has their Story, Mindfulness provides the blank slate upon which to rewrite it."
This is a storytelling company created by Sola Story (profile below), to bring to attention the potential of storytelling to provide therapeutic responses to the presenting needs of our times. It is fair to say that storytelling is humanities most ancient education and knowledge transmission system. Nowadays we need compelling stories, stories that help to bring into the well of the imagination the possibility for creating the world of our longing. A world in which we recognise that the infinite extraction  of the finite resources of our planet has no future. That the subjugation of ancient peoples for the purposes of modern convenience and continuous consumer markets is against ourselves. That teaching children to value GCSEs is good, however teaching them to value them more than themselves, their well  being and mental health is 'mad' if you'll excuse the pun!
Narrative Mindfulness is a group work approach to storytelling. Together we build safety into the group so that participants are able to bring their vulnerability, their joy and their trauma in service of the group and therefore of themselves. Narrative Mindfulness uses techniques drawn from Storytelling, Creative Arts, African martial arts and mindfulness that engage the mind the body and the spirit. Our sharing circles are not therapy, but participants describe the results as therapeutic and the techniques we train participants to use are simple but profound. Want to change the story you are telling yourself? Narrative Mindfulness can help. Want to learn to tell stories and/or to facilitate other people to tell stories? Want to know how to use the body to have presence and to tell powerful stories? Click the Link1
Perhaps you think that your children could develop some self esteem and you think that learning about and leveraging the strengths of their cultural identity would be key in that? Maybe you know that learning eloquence and powerful public speaking are self esteem and confidence generators? Click the Link
Sola Story

Olusola Adebiyi AKA Sola Story is a Creative Storytelling Group Work Facilitator and performance Storyteller with an international profile.  He is the founder and director of Narrative Mindfulness Ltd, and co founder of Rebirth of The Griot (RBG) CIC, a storytelling agency, publisher and African Heritage youth eloquence development agency. RBG also delivers a monthly African Storytelling and Spoken Word showcase. When asked why do you storytell? Sola Story replies “to paint change making images with compelling narratives: inspiring children, young people and adults to believe that the world of their longing: of their fond heart’s desire is achievable.”

Sola Story as well as telling stories also has created and delivers a programme called Physical Storytelling (based on Kazimba Ngoma: African fighting arts, which he combines with multi-arts, play and mindfulness.  

“Physical Storytelling is:

1. using the presence, physicality and creativity of the body to express metaphor and story., We can develop a unique awareness becoming alive to the felt sensation of stories in our bodies and potentially gain an understanding of  what they mean for us.

2. Bringing a profound an impactful impact to one's story through intentional presence, movement and powerful physicality. Through Physical Storytelling the audience can engage viscerally with the emotion, passion and characters brought alive by the storytellers physical skill


He spins yarns and tells tales in venues all over the country and has a verifiable track record of consistently engaging, enthralling and powerfully impacting audiences and participants in every interaction